Coaching sessions are all about you,

But just in case you’re wondering, here’s a bit about me…

I’ve kissed a few frogs and slayed a few dragons, and I’m here to help you do the same. I’ve worked with doctors, attorneys, CEOs, TV stars, teachers, parents, wait-staff, artists, students, plumbers, bartenders, entrepreneurs, and just about everything in-between and beyond.

Here’s what I know:

We all have stuff
And we all deserve to be happy.

Like most coaches, I have a boat-load of tools I’ve collected and honed through trainings, one-on-one work, and life experiences.

I’m a Certified Life Coach (2007), Master Certified Life Coach (2010), and Relationship Coach (2010) through Martha Beck Inc. with a successful coaching practice since 2007.

I worked in the corporate arena for 30 years, in industries including insurance, medical, legal, technical, engineering, and real estate brokerage and development. I held positions from administrative to management and HR to marketing. Each title and job held its own responsibilities, however, my focus naturally was on helping people navigate the challenges of their work environments and personal lives.

My own challenges included early-onset low self-esteem, an abusive marriage, divorce, caustic relationships, unfulfilling jobs, and general unhappiness (all resolved!)

I’m a mom of two college age boys (enough said), a strong believer in and teacher of Law of Attraction (LOA), and I benefit from a highly developed intuition that goes deeper than “just a hunch,” enabling me to see beyond the surface (you can learn more about this under Coaching Style).

Coaching is not just my job,

it  is  who  I  am