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The Daily Seed

Inspiring words to plant,
cultivate and nurture your growth.


What if you could expand your understanding of your true self – without having to commit hours each day (or travel to an ashram on the other side of the world)?

What if a transformation coach with a vast amount of experience, wit and no-nonsense encouragement provided you with simple concepts you could ponder over the course of the day? Sometimes there simply aren’t hours on end available for deep introspection, silent meditation, or emotional journaling. Instead, what you need is a quick thought – a planted seed – that you can contemplate during your upcoming drive, lunch break, or evening quiet time in order to start thinking about things in a different way and gracefully take that next step forward.

The Daily Seed is a guide to growth that you can use every day to grow your spirit in a way that feels safe and gives you absolute permission to be who you are.

Featuring eight core categories: Personal Power, Thoughts to Ponder, Lessons, Perspective, Intention, Opportunity, Choice, and Fear, the book provides – in less than five minutes a day – an inviting and easy-to-consider reminder of the rich possibilities that always lie before you.

What Others are saying



"The Daily Seed is like my morning coffee....it's my time to "get right with myself". Sheila's words have a magical effect on me. Each "seed" starts a new journey of learning and healing or reminds me of the success of journey's past.” –LT

"Every morning I look forward the daily seed; it is both a beautiful and reflective way to begin the day!
Sheila’s insight is always authentic and intermingled with generous love.”



"I wake up and reach for my email to get my day started. The Daily Seed is one of the highlights of my day.

With this book, I'll be able to review all of my seeds in one place. What do you call a container that holds seeds? A pod.This book is my pod of seeds to be consumed whenever I need to get myself grounded.”