My job is to take you where you can’t
or won’t take yourself so you  can
confidently move toward getting what you  want.

If you feel like you’re caught in no man’s land--that restless space of uncertainty between absolutely knowing what you don’t want-–yet you aren’t positively clear or confident about what it is that you do want (or how to get it), there’s a reason you’ve stumbled upon me. No man’s land is an unproductive and lonely terrain littered with mines of self-doubt, indecision, fear, and confusion, and it often leaves you feeling frozen, afraid to make a move in any direction.

I lead people out of no man’s land and get them back on the road to  self-confidence  and  fulfillment.

What’s your story? Are you struggling to find your life’s purpose or to fulfill your destiny? Experiencing relationship challenges? Having difficulties with parents? Kids? Bosses? Co-workers? Friends?

I can help.

Are you having challenges with communication? Not saying what you mean? Feeling misunderstood or unheard? Afraid of standing up or rocking the boat?

I am a natural communicator with an innate way of putting feelings into words in a non-violent, non-confrontational way.

Do you have self-esteem or self-worth issues? Fear that you aren’t good enough? Afraid of what people will think? Honey, don’t get me started, I could write the book on that topic (and probably will).

Fortunately, it’s all changeable,
I promise. I can help.

My Coaching Style

This work can be intense. Luckily, I’m playful and I like to have fun. Laughing is my favorite sport. There’s no need to make things any harder than they need to be.

My style is light, easy, and down-to-earth. I’m big on metaphors, and I like to help people see things in ways they can relate to and easily remember. If the concept of no-man’s land is not your thing, don’t worry, I’ll find a different metaphor (or two) that works for you.

I coach without an agenda or pre-determined program. I meet you where you are, and we work together from there. I’m part coach, part teacher, part sage. I draw wisdom from my own experiences and the experiences of others AND I have a finely tuned intuition and guided connection to universal wisdom. Does that sound a little woo-woo? Because it is. And you have it too. Most likely, you’re just not tuned into it right now.

My clients often ask, “How could you know that about me?!” It’s a “knowing without knowing” thing that works well for both of us. I’m not a psychic in the sense that I do readings and tell you your future. I’m simply able to connect with your energy and your truth and listen intently to both my inner guidance system and yours. Most of the time, you won’t even notice it’s happening.

What you can  expect  when you work with  me:

When we work together, you can expect:

  • Work that feels a lot like play...and sometimes a lot like work.
  • To gain a deeper knowing and acceptance of who you are.
  • Clarity about what you really want and how you want to feel.
  • Getting answers to your biggest questions.
  • Tools and exercises to practice and spark movement toward your desired outcomes.
  • The ability to confidently make decisions and the courage to speak and live your truth.
  • A different perspective from which to look at things.
  • A path to possibility.
  • Trust. Positivity. Non-judgment. Support. Encouragement. Relief.

I will be your task-master, your confidential safe-haven, and your biggest cheerleader all in one package.

Before you say “sounds good,” here’s the deal:

I ONLY work with people who are serious about making changes in their life and willing to do the work.

I ONLY work with those who are ready and willing to be open to seeing things differently in order to make change happen. Those who are committed to showing up for themselves and doing the work, no matter how hard it feels. Those who are truly determined to emerge from no man’s land, get back on the road to self-confidence and happiness, and get what they really want. I am committed to giving you 100% to help you get what you want. I’m asking you to give the same.

“Nothing will work unless you do.”
– Coach John Wooden

Are you ready and willing?