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Sheila Whittington

is a Master Certified Life Coach and Relationship Coach through Martha Beck Inc. with a successful coaching practice since 2007.


With thirty years in the corporate world, over thirteen years as a coach and decades of her own life experience, she employs her skills and expertise to help women and men around the world move from indecision and uncertainty to clarity and confidence in their work, personal lives and relationships.

What Others are saying



I worked with Sheila to help me unpack my fears associated with my decision to stay or leave my long-term marriage. Through her careful listening and straight-forward questions I was able to reframe my fears and feelings of guilt, and release my need for certainty. She encouraged and coached me to listen to my authentic heart. From my new awareness I was able to distinguish what I can and cannot control, and what I really want for myself and my life. Sheila has a unique gift in how she sensitively and yet directly holds a mirror up to your life.



Sheila helped me out of depression, opened my eyes to self-sabotaging behavior, and guided me through a new-found spirituality. My sessions with her were profoundly deep, which resulted in self-healing and a spiritual awakening in a matter of months. Sheila also provided resources that I never would have discovered on my own. She is truly a talented and skilled life coach, for who I am eternally grateful.



I called Sheila because I was at a crossroads in my relationship. I thought I wanted a divorce. She helped me sort through everything and it turned out what I really needed was a better way to communicate with my husband and more boundaries for myself. She taught me so much about expressing myself and about standing in my own truth. She is super patient and supportive and easy to talk to. I really trust her guidance. I can communicate better with my husband and with everyone else now and I feel like I’m being heard, and that feels great!



I want to say to anyone reading this testimonial: if you’re wondering if it’s worth the money to hire a coach – it definitely is! And Sheila is definitely the coach you want to hire! Sheila helped me turn my thinking around about so many things and helped me get clarity around what I really wanted. Once I became crystal clear, I was able to the see where I had been sabotaging myself. Sheila helped me change my old patterns and get moving. Now when I temporarily get stuck, I know what to do to get back on track. I have so much more self-confidence now. It took me forever to invest in myself, but I’m so glad I finally did. My life is so much easier now. Sheila is amazing.



I first contacted Sheila in July 2012. I was experiencing a lot of change in my life and was looking for a life coach who had trained under Martha Beck, who I’d admired for many years thru the Oprah Winfrey Show and O Magazine. I researched and read all of Sheila’s blogs and felt she might be a great fit. I reached out and remember feeling confident that I’d made the best choice when, after sharing full details regarding my ‘Top 5’ areas of stress: work, health, kids, relationships and finances, Sheila remarked “I can understand why you are feeling overwhelmed and lost. Sounds like it’s time for a change!!!”. Those words immediately put me at ease as I felt heard and understood. I knew in my heart Sheila would be an amazing coach. She has definitely proven that again and again over the years. Whenever I need her perspective, I hear her brilliant “coaching words” in my mind and feel them in my heart, guiding me, teaching me, filling me with inner peace. That was one of her initial questions in 2012, “How would you like to feel as a result of our work?” and my response was “At PEACE”. I thank Sheila for filling me with peace throughout many unsettling times in my life. Sheila’s messages thru the “Daily Seed” resonate within me and I share her words of wisdom frequently with friends and family. I’ve highly recommended Sheila to many loved ones including family, colleagues and friends; those who have chosen to meet with Sheila also find her utterly amazing! One person remarked that they got more insight out of one coaching session with Sheila than an entire year with their counselor. With Sheila, I feel safe to be me and share my innermost thoughts, always without judgment. She has always given me a path to follow and so much more…!! Sheila, you are simply amazing.



One session with Sheila Whittington put the wheels in motion on a whole new train of thought about my life purpose. She was energizing and was instrumental in helping me focus on what is really important in my present and future endeavors.



After just one session with Sheila, I felt I had a better understanding of my thought process and patterns. She helped me take a real inward look and truly examine the origin of my issues at hand. She made this self-discovery process not only an interesting one, but an enlightening one as well.